Lumi is an Italian based cultural association, founded in 2010. The Lumi Art Association promotes international art and cultural exchanges, especially between Finland and Italy. The association acts as an enabler for presenting a local artist to a local audience, and linking the project to local actors.

We are not satisfied by moving ready-made exhibitions from one place to another, instead we try to create a process that creates genuine interaction between the audience and the artist. Lumi Art Association has founded a children's theatre school in Italy, created an event for "EducArte" in Frascati and brought organic food to primary schools in the area. 

The association operates from Rome and has organised numerous exhibitions in collaboration with MACRO Museum, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Galleria Futuris & Co, Fondazione Volume, RadioArteMobile and with other key factors. In addition, the association has brought the Director of MACRO Museum, Giorgio De Finis, to Finland in August 2018 and the Director of Kiasma Museum, Leevi Haapala in Rome in January 2019.